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course for interview

Through environmentally sensitive activities including walking/biking, using a reusable coffee mug, and doing only full loads of laundry, students earned a total 1,078 points, with cash prizes awarded to the top point earner and two others chosen through a lottery. Their feedback is guiding the next version of the app, Berman said. Students suggested a function that reminds app users to log in when they patronize a green business. They also asked MilkCrate to make more personalized activity suggestions based on user profiles, Berman said. “A not-too-complex intake process to get to know you” is being added, she noted, along with a function to track volunteering efforts. Philadelphia University is going to expand the program campus-wide in the spring. The pilot was integrated into our classes and student USGBC [U.S. Green Building Council] chapter, and it was exciting to see how a well-designed app can raise the way students think about their everyday choices, said Rob Fleming, architect and director of the university’s masters program in sustainable design. MilkCrate for Communities has great potential because it targets the culture of an organization by helping to create a community of like-minded individuals who can leverage their impact on the world.” In the spring, Comcast Corp., the city’s biggest publicly traded company, will begin using MilkCrate for six months to engage a portion of its local workforce in sustainability initiatives and track those efforts. Berman called it an opportunity “as significant as you can imagine, and more so.” “To have the biggest corporation in Philadelphia that also happens to be the biggest tech company say, ‘Your technology is going to solve a pain point for us,’ that’s so incredibly validating,” she said. Comcast is just as thrilled, Susan Jin Davis, the company’s chief sustainability officer, said in remarks at a candlelit party Jan.

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