Further Examination Of No-nonsense Plans In Tips For Selection Interview

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Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald listens during the White House Precision Medicine Initiative Summit, in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, February 25, 2016 in Washington, DC. President Obama announced the precision medicine initiative last year to accelerate research efforts into new treatments that are tailored to individual patients. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Image copyright 2016 Getty Images. All rights reserved. read the articleThis material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Show Caption Previous Next CINCINNATI – The only Cincinnatian in President Obamas cabinet, VA Secretary Bob McDonald is leaving office with no regrets and convinced he made a difference. In all my experience transforming organizations, this is the furthest progress in the shortest amount of time that I have ever seen, McDonald told employees in a farewell memo last week. That includes operations all over the world. In an exclusive interview with WCPO, McDonald said he believes David Shulkin will keep the transformation going and protect the VA from those who want to privatize it. Shulkin, the VAs undersecretary for health, was nominated by President-elect Donald Trump after a selection process in which Trump said at least 100 people were interviewed. RELATED: Whistleblowersdescribe poor care at Cincinnati VA hospital McDonald said Trump did not contact me nor ask me to contact him, but declined to comment further comment on the selection process saying he didnt want to second-guess the president-elect.

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tips for selection interview

In answering many of the individual routing questions that readers sent via emails and online comments, I understand the value of planning. Weve gone over travel options to the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue, to airports, to Union Station, and to downtown offices in minute detail. I want you to know before you go. But the real key to your travels over the next few days is going to be your flexibility and your willingness to go for Plan B when your favorite option vanishes. That could be because security officials decide they need to make a move we didnt anticipate. This might involve closing a street that wasnt on the big list, or it might be a delay in reopening a street after an inaugural event. Related: Tips for airport travel on inauguration weekend People on their way to events or to their workplaces may suddenly find they need to walk blocks out of their way to reach their destination. (Remember, I warned you to bring a map.) Getting in and out of Metrorail stations will most certainly be an exercise in flexibility. Crowds vary with the station and the time of day. This will be true for the Friday inauguration and for the Womens March on Washington on Saturday. Metro staffers will monitor platform crowding and shut entrances or make them exit-only temporarily if they want to ease conditions inside the stations.

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