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In an interview aired on Globo TV after the proud soccer nation won its first Olympic gold in a penalty shootout, Lochte apologized to the nation. “I’m sorry,” one of America’s most decorated Olympic swimmers said. “Brazil doesn’t deserve that.” The Olympian insisted that he was a victim of extortion because he was forced by armed guards to hand over money. “I wasn’t lying to a certain extent, I over-exaggerated what was happening to me.” The tale of a gunpoint robbery in Rio initially embarrassed the Brazilian nation until local police accused Lochte, 32, of making it up to cover up vandalizing a gas station. Lochte’s interview with the Globo TV network aired after the Brazil v Germany game. The soccer match was expected to attract a record number of viewers, many of whom stayed on to watch Lochte speak to the nation. Excerpts of an interview with Lochte by Matt Lauer also aired on “NBC” Saturday night. In that interview, he apologized to his swimming teammates, Jimmy Feigen, 26, Jack Conger, 21, and Gunnar Bentz, 20, who police stopped from leaving Brazil over the incident. When asked what he was feeling when he saw his teammates taken off a plane and held back in Brazil, Lochte responded by saying he was “hurt.” “I mean I let my team down and you know, I don’t want them to think I left them out to dry,” he said. He said he’d waited until his teammates had returned to the U.S. before speaking publicly about the incident again.” Bentz, the youngest of the four swimmers involved in the incident, released a statement saying Lochte played the key role in the incident, tearing a poster off a wall and arguing with armed security guards at the gas station.

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News Image ANSI certification body accreditation of UL R provides confidence of the competence of audit bodies to carry out these activities as defined in International Standards and that the accredited programs operate in accordance with international guidelines. The ANSI Accreditation Program for Product Certification Bodies is assessed by peer review and the U.S. federal government. Globally, UL R is now accredited to the ISO/IEC 17065 International Standard through ANSI for a variety of technical schemes and scopes. The accreditation highlights the technical competence of UL R to perform product, process and certification services. The UL R ANSI Accreditation covers the operation of the UL R Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Programs, which cover the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Dietary Supplement, Food, Infant Formula and Cosmetic/Personal Care industries. UL Registrars system of audit services is designed to verify and confirm that the quality, safety and adequacy of a clients organizational processes, controls and manufacturing systems are in conformance with requirements found at a manufacturing or packaging plant, distribution center, warehousing operation, and other process related functions, states Bryce Carson, General Manager of UL Registrar LLC. This achievement shows UL Registrars commitment to continual improvement and that UL Registrar as an accredited certification body meets the requirements set forth by ANSI and UL Registrars Scheme. ANSI has also accredited UL R for its operation of the Retail Certification Program (RCP) and its National Brand Certification Program (NBCP).

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